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Here are some interesting facts about our cute but manly emperor 😉

  1. Junho’s ideal woman is someone who plans for a child and will take good care of her kids.
  2. In personality-wise, he has this cocky attitude.
  3. Signed contract w/ JYPE after winning the “JYP’s Superstar Survival” talent search 2006, placing 1st out of 6000 competitors.
  4. Junho was trained under JYPE for 2.5 years.
  5. Junho has 1 older sister.
  6. Junho’s nickname EMPEROR is given because of his seriousness.
  7. Junho likes natural color.
  8. Junho’s specialties are = beatbox, dancing & singing.
  9. Junho likes to pull at his pants a lot.
  10. Junho often pinches his own pants uncauntiously.
  11. Everytime Junho feels embarassed, his ears will turn pinkish-red, and he tends to fan himself with his hand 😉
  12. Junho tends to cross his arms and lick his lips a lot.
  13. Junho is ambidextrous.
  14. Junho graduated from Ho Won University – Program Acting Major.
  15. Junho’s shoe size = 75 (45 in Europan size).
  16. Junho gains tons of scars and scatches from Let’s Go Dream Team.
  17. Junho says that he’s been learning guitar by himself.
  18. Junho says that he knows everything on twitter; including his mentions.
  19. Khun describes Junho as the most self-assertive person in a good way, and he does what he decides to do. So, he goes his own way the most and he has the No.1 concentration.
  20. Junho has been listening to Usher’s music, starting from his debut album up to his current one.
  21. Once while Junho & Sunhwa were doing MCs for the 2010 CMB Youth Music Festival in Daejeon, a small fireworks display went off right in front of them. Junho tried to protect Sunhwa from by hiding her behind him. ~Our emperor is such a gentleman~!
  22. Junho was nicknamed ‘gentleman Junho’ since during a variety show recording, he gave chocolates to Jessica, displaying a warm-hearted image.
  23. Junho can’t wink with one eye cause he think that his eyes is too small.
  24. Junho doesn’t like selcas because he said that it depends on your mood.
  25. Junho always wanted a cat but Chansung said no. Then he begged him, and Chansung finally said yes.
  26. Junho doesn’t like it when his noona fans call him ‘oppa.’
  27. Junho’s cat is called Ggomaengi (which means ‘small kid’). He gave that name cause he can’t think of any other suitable names.
  28. Junho was upset when Jay left, then he realized that he needs to respect Jay’s desicion.
  29. Junho is closest to Chansung, then Wooyoung; because their ages are very near.
  30. Junho is very proud of his butt.
  31. Junho is a very persistent and hardworking person. He wants to do better and better each day.
  32. Junho is good in swimming. Since his shoulder injury isn’t fully recovered, he wasn’t able to join 2011 Idol Championship.
  33. Junho got a habit of sleeping on his bed and his special skill is “sleeping without moving”.
  34. Junho’s describes that he has Plenty of personal styles – but he usually wear sporty type of clothes.
  35. Junho thinks he is well-organized because he has to take care of his own stuff.
  36. Minjun, Nichkhun & Wooyoung thinks Junho is the most sentimental 2PM member because he reacts to any situation honestly and he expressess what he feels about it.
  37. Junho asked for one of Chansung’s cat. At first he said no but Junho nagged at him and finally he got Ggomaengi… awww! <3
  38. Junho is the type of member who gives his all at everything he does.
  39. Junho gives his special skill – acrobatic, approximately 8 out of 10 points.
  40. Junho was injured in bones last time so he can’t do it in their new songs (Still 2PM). He thinks it was too bad cause it’s a must in every songs.
  41. Junho is a son who’s capable to do stuffs by his own but he’s still in puberty, he always keeps his worries to himself and try to cope it alone.
  42. Junho’s Christmas song selection is Katy Perry’s Fireworks because it’s a song which doesn’t hide your passionate heart.
  43. Other members call him Junhoya or Itnuno(nickname from his typo).
  44. If he was an animal, he would be a Chetah because it is speedy and active.
  45. Junho thinks he can get “10 out of 10 ” from being passionate to succeed his own dream.
  46. Junho’s favorite motto(1) is “Reality and determination will meet. Keep moving the farthestas you can”.
  47. Junho’s 2nd motto is “One is the truth and sincerity always says”.
  48. Another 3rd motto is “Go as far as you can”.
  49. Junho’s favorite music genre is Rock since young. But since his hobby is to compose songs so he tends to listen to various genres.
  50. Junho thinks ‘Without U’ as the hardest music video for him to shoot.
  51. Junho thinks girls who handle their work and love separately are very charming.
  52. Ever since being 2PM, the happiest moment so far for Junho is the moment when they and their fans share some air in the concert!
  53. Other than acrobatic, Junho would like to try Rock concept.
  54. Junho thinks that his eyesmile is the best part of his body. But Jay 2nd that and said that’s it’s his butt is, kkk.
  55. On Junho’s 21st birthday, Thai Hottest gave rices and pets foods to Cats and Dogs shelters.
  56. Junho spends his break time to compose songs.
  57. Junho likes I’ll Be Back because it’s a song which they had a very hard time practicing the choreography.
  58. Some of Junho’s role-models are Park Jin Young, Rain, Usher and Michael Jackson.
  59. Junho’s eyes will turn into half-moon shape even with just a small smile.
  60. Junho’s dream kept changing from actor, pilot, baseball player, basketball player to swimmer.
  61. Junho thought of becoming an actor when he was at elementary school, after watching ‘The fairy Commy’.
  62. Junho will have delicious meals or play games with members at dorm to get rid of stress.
  63. Junho likes the song Stay With Me in the album Republic of 2PM.
  64. Junho together with Chansung, and Wooyoung like Korean cuisine.
  65. Junho can’t live without eating rice and kimchi.
  66. Junho thinks he is good at insulting jokes, hahaha.
  67. Junho’s secrets to take care of his body are – work out steadily for about 1-2 hours every day & set up meal plans.
  68. During high school year 1, Junho did theatre and liked dancing and singing.
  69. A difficult time for Junho is when he doesn’t get the acknowledgement even after putting in much effort & when he can’t find his own charms.
  70. Junho enjoys Daft Punk’s Something About Us, since it makes him drowsy without a cause. ~ what??? lol~!
  71. Junho thinks he is a person with masculinity type of man.
  72. Junho’s game buddy is the group’s maknae, Chansung.
  73. In It’s Time – Junho, he even left a video message for his wife to be, and call her as “jagiya” (darling/honey). So sweet~^^ <3
  74. Junho was practising for the acrobatic move in I’ll Be Back but got injured later, so Woo replaces him and has to do it instead.
  75. Taec describes Junho as manly & cool, with a strong will and accomplishes his goal no mattter what~^^
  76. Composing & fashion are Junho’s interests.
  77. Junho choses Wolie because he likes black, and Johny because of leopard pattern.
  78. Junho’s favorite ice-cream flavor is pistachio.


  1. Omg junho thinks he can’t wink but he can! I have proof! Haha. Watch this.

    During the second chorus at junho’s part, he does a body wave then winks 🙂

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