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Junho: I lost on a Dream Team challenge once because my butt was stuck.

Junho: Khunnie hyung is a prince!
Nichkhun: No no; no I’m not.

Junho: I love my butt. It’s a gift from my mother.

Junho: My role is the adolescent son because I’m self-willed and I hate to lose.

Junho: Victoria-ssi and Nichkhun-ssi. Sit down. Hold each other’s hands. Hold tightly. Now Nichkhun-ssi will close his eyes and say…
Nichkhun: Say? Say what?
Junho: Saranghae
Nichkhun: Junho?
Junho: Yes?
Nichkhun: Just go & rest
Junho: Ok.

Junho: Joo yah, who I’ve had a friendship with for 4 years. Show all~ of your cool, pretty, and cute sides ^-^ Fighting~!

Junho: I’m No.1 for eye smile. I also have the No.1 butt (laugh) Rather than that, mine is the biggest among the members.

Junho: For me, 2PM is Family!!

Junho: I often find myself liking our newest song so it’s [I’ll be back] and I also love its Shuffle Dance the most.

Junho: I’ve received the strength from fans. I want to continue living like this with our Japanese fans.

Junho: I used to think that girls who handle their work and love separately are very charming. But now I find girls who express their true feelings clearly are more attractive. Anyways, the feeling of love is the most important factor.

Junho: We are going to hang up. Don’t try to call us. We are turning off our cellphone too, you wait and see!! (Wild Bunny Ep1)

Junho: My name is 2PM (laughs on his mistake)
i think this is one of the most memorable quote rite? ㅋㅋㅋ

Chan: We love jumping around without any reason;
Junho: We’re cool right?

Junho: Just like Chansung & Taecyeon hyung, I was on d audition prog “Superstar Survival” & passed, then I bcame a member of 2PM.

Junho: It’s a little bit embarrassing to say this about myself, but……the thing I’m most confident about myself is, I suppose, my smile. And also, what all the members love! My butt!

Junho: When I get a break I listen to a lot of songs & music. I don’t just listen though, I think about how the song was made why it was given such a melody, and while I’m thinking about it I also do composing myself all while I’m on a break.

Wooyoung: Nobody understands Junho’s jokes. I’m the only one that laughs. ~ LOL.

Wooyoung: Usually he’s really funny. But I think I’m the only one that laughs. I don’t think the other members understand;
Chansung: I laugh occasionally;
Junho: ‘Occasionally?!’ I think my jokes are better left offscreen.

Junho: I think my wits are best left offscreen.

Interviewer: But hey, I think Junho doesn’t participate in the conversation much, unless talked to;
Junho: Well, the conversation isn’t about me;
2PM: Hahahahahhaaha;
Wooyoung: There are hidden thorns under what he says.

Junho: Before when you said ‘Variety’ I was desperate to be funny, but now I’m more acquainted with timing.

Junho: There’s a part in the title song “너는 다시 돌아 올꺼야” (neoneun dashi dora olkkeoya – you’ll come back again), I accidentally sang it out as “dashi doraolKKEUya” and naturally got scolded by Jinyoung-hyung.

Junho: I want to be in WGM too! laughs Just joking~ My ideal type is someone I just feel I can like, but I really don’t want to get married right now.

Junho: Rather than 2… even if 20 years passed by, I would still be on stage without a change of heart, trying to show the best performance I can!

Junho: 2PM’s “I’ll be Back”!! laughs It really gives strength.

Junho: We try our best as a “newcomer” in Japan. We step up efforts to be much-loved group in Japan, not just one of the boys group from Korea.

Junho: I’m a quietly funny person.

Junho: Having eyes that can smile is my charm. I have nothing special…

Junho: I’m relentless. My belief is ‘Do things that you can’t do!’

Junho: I tend to have many worries inside which makes me receive a lot of stress.

Junho: My image was created to be an unfunny person, honestly I’m a person who can make you roar with laughter.

Junho: Because I play football well and I like to do fighting, I am called the fighter.

Junho: 5 points. The reasons are ‘Let me think about it’ ~ on how many points he rates himself.

Junho: There is not members who are like to the extent of being beasty. In my opinion, everyone is gentle.

Junho: I like someone who loves me, and don’t pretend much.

Q: What kind of idol are you?
Junho: Serious type.

Junho: I’m No.1 for eye smile. I also have the No.1 butt (laugh).

Q: Explaination & meaning behind the ‘Shuffle dance’?
Junho: It’s a light-hearted dance that everyone can move their body to a sad, sensitive song. It’s probably a dance that you’ve seen a while ago, but it has been changed to a powerful dance with our own special power. Why don’t you try!

Junho: I’m always happy and touched by the fact 2PM is standing like it is now. We’ll try even harder to keep this feeling forever.

Junho: I wasn’t going to say this but I guess I have to. TaecYeon hyung eats if he wants to and eats somebody else’s if he doesn’t want to eat.

Taec: Junho is manly and cool. He has a strong will and accomplishes his goal no mattter what. He is a model man;
Junho: (In Japanese) I’m not that great. (Smiling shyly)

Q: What about the most unyielding member of 2PM?
Junho: (Immediately) All of us.


  1. Hi junho … I love your action and dance everything… We love u so much … U must come to India… In wok of love series ur looking handsome… Please remember me

    1. I love him too . Glad to see your comment here. By the way I am from Myanmar.

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